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Supporting inclusion,
bettering lives

Many adults with disabilities have difficulties in accessing adequate and effective care, including social and mental health support. Limited services, capability, and understanding all pose as barriers to inclusion for these adults to thrive in society.


​IncluPsych Services is here to provide the necessary psychological care and supports towards inclusion and better lives for adults with disabilities. We aim to do so by doing what we do best and what we know works - working with the adults with disabilities and their ecosystem, which includes their caregivers, their service agencies, and the community partners. 

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Persons with disabilities often require more care and support but may not always be able to access the required services. What's more, due to their differences, adults with disabilities tend to experience more challenges and difficulties.

Getting the right supports then become even more paramount for this population. At IncluPsych Services, we strive to ensure that the care and support that we provide is individualized, person-centred, and holistic. 



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