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We are a team of psychologists with various specializations and diverse backgrounds but with one common passion - to support adults with disabilities and those who support them. 

We adopt a holistic approach in our work with adults with disabilities and their ecosystem, providing assessment and therapy to clients, supporting and training caregivers, and providing training and supervision to partners and stakeholders working with the clients. 

Collectively, our team holds a good wealth and depth of experience and expertise in working with adults with disabilities. Coupled with our passion, we are here to provide quality and uncompromised care and support to our clients and their loved ones.

Couples Therapy


Supporting inclusion, bettering lives

Adults with disabilities typically face more barriers to accessing appropriate and effective care. For them, their quality of life can be greatly impacted - they may not be able to access/maintain employment or care services, and some may even end up getting institutionalized. Their carers are often highly stressed and struggle with supporting their adult children especially into their later years. 

A holistic approach to intervention has been shown to be helpful for these persons and improving their well-being, functioning, and quality of life. Hence, IncluPsych Services was set up with that in mind, hoping to provide holistic and coordinated care and supports for these adults with disabilities.  

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